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Why SEO Is Need?

Search Engine Marketing strategy for your brand, We will advise on the best approach, it’s PPC, SEO or a combination.

SEO Is Life Of Every Websites

It [search engine optimization] is inherently iterative. In short, it is a process, not a project.

John Tawadros

We don't lie to you. It is true that "SEO is an ongoing process" and before locking in a long term contract and collect checks, we provide transparent pricing, SEO activity reports for doing every work on your project. We’re able to complete 12 months work of SEO work in 6 months. Stop paying for SEO unnecessary tasks that you don't need.


Why SEO is Important for your website?

Search Engine Optimization needs to be as an important part of your marketing efforts as everything else you do. SEO is the process to rank your website, online store, app higher in search results and to increase more visibility online, making potential customers more likely to click over to your site and convert them as leads. Search engine optimization is a long term process . SEO doesn’t require paid ad campaign, but a good strategy needs both a ratio 80% + 20%.​

Page Level Factors in SEO

HTML Title Tags, Meta Tags
Keywords in HTML Meta tags
Creating website content with shortlisted Keywords
Importance of Language In Content
Optimizing Content with Keyword and Synonyms
Dividing Content into Headings and Sections
“LSI Keyword” in Content

Images Optimization in SEO

Importance of Image
Image Types and Sizes
Alt Tags for Images
Descriptive Titles, Captions & Text Around Images
Image File Name And URLs
Relevancy and Quality of The Images
Optimize Placement
Optimize Image For Speed & Responsiveness
Use an Image Sitemap

Site Structure Level Factors in SEO

Website Structure and It’s Importance
SEO-Human Friendly URL
HTML Sitemaps
Internal Linking
Website Uptime & Security
Too Many Links To Other Website
Breadcrumb Navigation
Robots.txt File

Advanced Content Optimization- Content Recency, Frequency, Duplication, Blogs Page

Content Recency and Frequency
Blog- the Value Pages
E-Book, Guides, Tools and Other Value Pages
What is content duplication? How important is it?
Facing Content Duplication with 301 Redirect
Avoiding content Duplication with Canonical Tag
Controlling Indexing with Robots.txt file

Domain Factors-Domain Name, TLD

What are SEO Domain Factors?
TLD, Domain and Sub-domain
Local or Country TLD Extension
Keywords in The Domain
Age of The Domain, Ownership and History

Advanced Factors – Technical SEO

Better Website Layout & User Experience
Broken URLs and How to fix them
Page Loading Speed
Mobile Friendly Websites
AMP for Websites
What are Rich Snippets?
Testing Structured Data Mark up
Rich Snippets: Business, Company, Person, Reviews

Secure your Site with HTTPS
Social SEO – Facebook Meta Tags
Social SEO – Twitter Meta Tags

Check When Buying SEO Packages

Your Business Relevant Keyword and Phrases Selection
Technical SEO Audit Report Card
Should be White Hat SEO Technique Only
User Oriented Content Development, Marketing and Approval
Competitor Analysis and Report
Monthly Report Providing

Choose the perfect plan

Advertising and marketing is an art, the solution to each new problem challenge should begin with a blank canvas and an open mind, not with the nervous borrowings of other people’s mediocrities precisely modern.



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