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Digital technology has made online businesses very easy.

Digital technology has made online businesses very easy.

Where digital technology provides millions of customers available on one click and delivers your product to them, itself massive amount of data is available online by doing data analysis, you can make the right and good decision for your business.
Many businesses of the world, whether they are small or big, cannot survive without data analysis.
If you don’t know how to analyze the data and don’t make the decision making on the bases of the database then you will never run a business successfully in today’s competitive era.

What Is Analytics?

“Analytics is using mathematics, statistics, predictive modelling and machine-learning techniques to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in recorded data.”

A small company that sells clothes online, whether in India or the Big City of the world; that also decides based on data on how to run the next marketing campaign, which customers to target, what is the best time to run and Which message is more effective.

And if they do not use the data, then that company will never know what their customers are looking for? And the moment you are out of touch with the customer. In that situation, many options available online, their customers move to another option and will start purchasing from there.

What is analysis in Terms of Digital Marketing?

And Why Decision making based on Data Analysis?

Google Analytics Reports

Reports for Measuring Site Performance & Acquisition Patterns
1. Browser Report
2. Visitor Acquisition Efficiency Analysis Report
3. Customer Behavior Report
4. Mobile Performance Report
5. Site Diagnostics: Page Timing Report
Reports That Tell You How Your Content is Doing
6. Hours & Days Report
7. Referring Sites Report
8. Content Efficiency Report
9. Traffic Acquisition from Social Media Report
Reports for SEO
10. SEO: Referring Pages Report
11. SEO Insights for Google Organic (not provided) Report
12. Keyword Analysis Report

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Analytics Features You Need To Understand For Your Business

Why do analytics?

Is Abundance of Data

There is a lot of data available online, if you do not use those data, your competitor will do it; and when your competitor will use those in that situation they can take better decision making. So when there is so much data, then analyzing it, i.e. applying analytics on it, becomes even more important.

Google analytics or Keyword Insights

Whenever you are running a campaign of Google or Facebook, then data analytics will give you data in the form of decision making, in the form of data it is representing which are the keywords that you can use for your next campaign. And how much their effectiveness will be, you can also judge and forecast based on analytical data.

Consumer Insights or Customer Insights

You are also getting customer insights; you are watching carefully what customers are talking about you. Giving positive comments or negative comments and making decisions above its base.

Content and Platform Insights

You are also getting content and platform insights through data analysis. What you have created content, is that used in the proper way? Did that have any effectiveness? And the platform you are using is it effective or not? Maybe you like that platform and you are using it and furthermore the customer does not even exist on that platform.

Maintaining and Developing Quality

Analytics help you in maintain and developing quality also for your content in the future. You are getting to know about your quality of content, about the quality of your website. You find out whether your customer is also liking your content or not. You are getting a chance to improve quality when you use analysis.

Market Trends – Most Important

Market trends are being detected because there is so much data, that data is a lot of customer oriented data. On bases of which you are predicting that this is the trend of the market in the future. Now you are preparing plan for the future of your organization through data analysis.

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